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ssl 설치하기

프요 2016. 3. 12. 20:11

git clone

cd letsencrypt

./letsencrypt-auto certonly --webroot --webroot-path /var/www/html --renew-by-default --email --text --agree-tos -d


Private key for the certificate.


This must be kept secret at all times! Never share it with anyone, including Let’s Encrypt developers. You cannot put it into a safe, however - your server still needs to access this file in order for SSL/TLS to work.

This is what Apache needs for SSLCertificateKeyFile, and nginx for ssl_certificate_key.


Server certificate only.

This is what Apache < 2.4.8 needs for SSLCertificateFile.


All certificates that need to be served by the browser excluding server certificate, i.e. root and intermediate certificates only.

This is what Apache < 2.4.8 needs for SSLCertificateChainFile, and what nginx >= 1.3.7 needs forssl_trusted_certificate.


All certificates, including server certificate. This is concatenation of chain.pem and cert.pem.

This is what Apache >= 2.4.8 needs for SSLCertificateFile, and what nginx needs forssl_certificate.

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